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Landing Page/ Emails/Banners

A collection of visual representations of email and Website landing pages . This is a  brief section of my  portfolio that showcases my creativity, skill, and expertise in creating visually appealing and effective email and web designs. 

Social Design

This is a small showcase of my  visual design content for social media platforms such as Instagram, and TikTok. I use graphic design, photo manipulation, animation and video editing to create compelling and engaging visual content  that resonates with the target audience.

Advertisement/Infographics & Posters

Created to effectively communicate a message and solve a problem in a visually appealing and functional way. It goes beyond mere aesthetics and focuses on the visual experience, ensuring that the design is intuitive and appealing to digest. I try to consider the context in which it will be used, such as the target audience, the medium, and the intended purpose. It is innovative, yet practical, and strives to push boundaries while still achieving the desired outcomes. Great design work is thoughtful, purposeful, and impactful, leaving a lasting impression on its audience and contributing to the success of the project, brand, or product it represents.

Retail Display

Glossier Display

Glossier's two-self retail store displays, made from pink frosted Plexiglas with etched logos. This dynamic and immersive display seamlessly blends the physical architecture of Glossier’s flagship retail space and its shoppers' shopping experience. Patrons become silhouettes engaged in a unique theatrical art form that weaves together storytelling and performance. Shoppers project engaging movements in an interplay of light, shadow and movement. This is made possible by the inherent qualities of the martial selected. This was designed to drive customer engagement and redefine an analog interactive experience in brick-and-mortar shopping.

Alexander Mcqueen Display 

Luxury retail displays exude elegance, sophistication, and craftsmanship, offering a unique and immersive shopping experience that mirrors the exclusivity of high-end brands. Meticulously curated with impeccable attention to detail, these displays showcase luxurious products in a visually captivating and aspirational manner. This Black lacker atrium cabinet with brass accents uses premium materials, exquisite lighting, and innovative technologies further enhance the overall ambiance, elevating the perception of luxury and captivating discerning customers who seek the utmost in quality and style.