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Kikkoman is a food manufacturer and soy sauce maker.  I was responsible for the creative art direction that in compassed a 360 camping that guided the visual and conceptual elements of this project, breathing life into ideas through a harmonious blend of imagination, design, photography, video and activations.    It was an alchemy that transformed concepts into captivating visuals, and experiences  ensuring they resonate deeply with the intended audience. The assets created seamless bridge between imagination and reality, and ultimately shaping the way viewer perceived and interacted with this brand.    


Oribe is a luxury hair and beauty brand. I was responsible for a 360 campaign that included print collateral, social content, and marketing banners.  It involves the thoughtful orchestration of visual elements and aesthetics to communicate a specific message, evoke emotions, and enhance the overall storytelling or branding. A mixture of new photography, stock was implemented in this launch.  I also contributed in design and photography efforts.  

lilly chen

Lilly Chen runs a salon in Manhattan’s upscale neighborhood the West Village. She launched a hair brush line in 2021 made from sustainable materials.  I was tasked to give the line its identity.   I took the line in a thoughtful, impactful way, using mixed media, rich color pallets, and images of diverse, beautiful hair in order to create a distinctive identity for the brand.   The core focus was to create a link between graphic design, art and photography, establishing a unique and eloquent structure for the brand to grow in a meaningful way. 

Harry Josh 

Harry Josh is one of the top hair stylists in the world.  His work is requested by celebrities and models on the covers of Vogue and beyond.   I was tasked with concepting, photographing, and designing print collateral, web banners/landing page, and step & repeat for Josh’s line of hair styling tools, for the launch party at Soho House, West Hollywood.  I photographed his line on an ombre background inspired by the tail-end of sunsets I would regularly see in the Hollywood hills.  From day to night, illustrating his same tools that prepare you for that important business meeting during the day, can be used to glam up for cocktails at Soho House.

Trejo's Tacos 

This was designed to be a month long takeover of Danny Trejos’s, “TrejosTacos” Instagram and website landing page during National Hispanic Heritage Month. The idea was an ephemeral gallery spotlighting chicano history and the Baby Mexican that has imbedded roots and style throughout the northern border of Mexico, the Southern California border and beyond.  Licensing deals with the Los Angeles Times, Low Rider Magazine, Getty Images and prominent Chicano photographers were to be showcased for one month, then disappear back to the Trojo Tacos original Instagram and landing page.  Sadly, this was set to launched during the first year of Covid-19. The world was unsure and the project was never executed  


For 2022 New York Fashion week Aēsop wanted to do a public street poster campaign to promote their toothpaste.  I was tasked with concepting and designing a set of posters.   I used artificial intelligence to create illustrations and photoshopped exciting assets into the illustrations.  The AI illustrations where beautiful and dystopic, exciting in the uncanny valley of reality and hyper-reality.  I intended these to stand out and shock viewers into stopping and pay attention despite the madness of busy New York streets during fashion week.   I framed the  illustration with a Bauhaus confident, restrained style that Aēop is known for.

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